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Bladejunkie - Fri, 16:11
The arena still lives!
Bladejunkie - Fri, 16:12
Too bad I’m not a web developer. I could probably help Vince out with a new site
Bladejunkie - Fri, 16:13
Web development us for hipsters
Bladejunkie - Fri, 16:13
clumprumper - Mon, 21:39
Hopefully this site can get revamped and up and running again, the balisong community NEEDS it
Nardath - Thu, 03:53
the new gen flippers wouldnt be able to survive here
Quickflip - Mon, 12:25
AssassinFlonne - Wed, 21:32
AssassinFlonne - Wed, 21:33
Nardath - Mon, 09:29
Bladejunkie - Thu, 23:21
Nardath - Thu, 10:48
Bali4lyphe - Thu, 15:17
I’m new here, what all goes on in here?
CruelChris - Fri, 20:07
I thought this site was dead, but here we are coming back to it. You know you cannot leave. It is in our blood. Everytime I get back on, I am amazed to find people still posting here.
Nardath - Tue, 11:26
nah this place is a graveyard, dead af.
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