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New guy!!



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Post Mon Jun 25, 2012 3:28 pm

New guy!!

Hey guys.
I have been a knife collector for many years. My safe is so full of knives I can't fit any more in. I only like high quality and premium steel. I don't really flip and that is why I thought I would try and sell my only bali type here.
I am out West and shoot handguns and rifles and like to dabble in watches. I like nice friendly forums that don't have foul language and porn pictures. Nothing on youtube or anything like that. I hope to use this forum to supplement my collection or sell a few extras.


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Re: New guy!!

Welcome to the foray....foul language kept fairly low key.....bali porn shown often, shoulda been here when a regular done a review of nice custom.....what kinda watches you collect or sell??

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