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New guy!!



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Post Mon Jun 25, 2012 3:28 pm

New guy!!

Hey guys.
I have been a knife collector for many years. My safe is so full of knives I can't fit any more in. I only like high quality and premium steel. I don't really flip and that is why I thought I would try and sell my only bali type here.
I am out West and shoot handguns and rifles and like to dabble in watches. I like nice friendly forums that don't have foul language and porn pictures. Nothing on youtube or anything like that. I hope to use this forum to supplement my collection or sell a few extras.


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Post Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:02 pm

Re: New guy!!

Welcome to the foray....foul language kept fairly low key.....bali porn shown often, shoulda been here when a regular done a review of nice custom.....what kinda watches you collect or sell??


  • 21 Mar 2014
  • 19:15
    why do companies make spectacular knobs but then discontinue them? like wth
  • 19:15
  • 24 Mar 2014
  • 11:24
    Yea it don't make a whole lotta sense you would think benchmade could be rich right now
  • 25 Mar 2014
  • 2 Apr 2014
  • Been awhile, i miss you arena <3
  • 4 Apr 2014
  • 10:08
    What's up guys long time no see
  • 12:37
  • 5 Apr 2014
  • 13:52
  • 11 Apr 2014
  • 7:57
    *FOR DUCK* I'm also from Chicago, and as you may know balisongs are illegal to carry here. I get the same message when I order. I have owned a b200, b400 and b201 trainer. They flip well, I was particularly was fond of the b400
  • 7:58
    two problems with the bears ops though, #1 I found the hardware to be kind of bad so the screws frequently unscrew themselves. be prepared to combat that, get yourself some blue loctite.
  • 8:00
    as for flipping wise, the tang is extended and so while flipping a lot of the time your fingers get pinched between the tang and the handles. way more painful than a cut lol
  • 13 Apr 2014
  • 1:23
    worst night of my life.
  • 1:23
    people out there still care
  • 1:24
    Love -uwanaugoda. stay sain.
  • 12:26
  • 22:04
    This is the most active I have seen the arena since FAToC
  • 14 Apr 2014
  • 23:38
    I think I should be a regular because: I've been around for a few years now, and I spend most of these days on here talking to myself lol
  • 16 Apr 2014
  • 11:11
    TD, Hannam and I are doing a challenge in approximately one month. I encourage everyone to join. There are enough people on this forum to keep it alive, we just need more active users
  • 13:35
  • 13:35
    you just need BT to crash more often
  • 15:23
    Haha yea that might help a little. But just a temporary fix. everyone on here just registers and then disapears
  • 15:24
  • 22:33
  • 17 Apr 2014
  • 0:16
    I may have alzheimers but at least I dont have alzheimers
  • 0:19
  • 0:27
  • 0:27
  • 0:29
    Im expecting great things from you
  • 19:54
    How good are you guys?
  • 21:12
  • 21:12
  • 21:16
    Not the best but not the worst ;)
  • 21:18
    better then me though
  • 21:18
    I still wanna do my first challenge though
  • 21:19
    And I have to learn to video edit eventually anyway
  • 21:24
    Yea its just for fun. Win or lose, dont make no difference. What really matters is that you push yourself to new levels and keep a good spirit about ya
  • 21:28
    yea I have a few jd friday night flips videos up but they have no editing and are short
  • 18 Apr 2014
  • 8:33
    i second that chiv
  • 11:47
    I watched them, not too bad!
  • 19 Apr 2014
  • 16:28
    shish kabobs for dinner tonight <3
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