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Do you flip publicly?

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Re: Do you flip publicly?

i flipped on the bench at one of my soccer games. i tried to teach one of my team mates but the assistant coach said he never wanted to see it again :cry:
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Re: Do you flip publicly?

No chance I would flip in public. But I EDC everyday.


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Re: Do you flip publicly?

I used to be paranoid about it but I'll flip anywhere I don't see police at this point.


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Re: Do you flip publicly?

Even in states you can carry it needs to be visible or otherwise it will be considered concealed. I live in Oregon and carry a BM51 but it has a clip therefore not concealed. Correct me if Im wrong on any of this

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Re: Do you flip publicly?

mahalkobalisongs wrote:i flipped on the bench at one of my soccer games. i tried to teach one of my team mates but the assistant coach said he never wanted to see it again :cry:

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Re: Do you flip publicly?

Davidrd17 wrote:Even in states you can carry it needs to be visible or otherwise it will be considered concealed. I live in Oregon and carry a BM51 but it has a clip therefore not concealed. Correct me if Im wrong on any of this

You are correct. But I will inform you of something that makes me think twice about carrying a bali, even in Oregon. years ago there was a protestor, I am not sure exactly what he did to get the cops attention. When arrested, he had a folding knife with a pocket clip, not a bali. Now I am going to get into a pretty bad argument that is just a slippery slope the whole way down. Since you can "flick" a pocket knife with a brownie pop or a simple flick of the wrist (even though it is not good for the knife :mrgreen: ), it was concidered a gavity knife. Now comes the scary part, the police argued that they could not tell that it was a knife from a distance, even though visable with a pocket clip, it could have been a cell phone case or a number of things with a pocket clip. It was also stated that the knife was covered by a sweatshirt, making this poor kid with a freaking folding knife is now charged with a concealed gravity knife.
I could argue about how wrong this is for days. But after hearing about this case, I usually carry folders, go figure :roll: . As long as you're not doing anything stupid... no cop in his right mind should a have problem with you, or a knife.
State of Oregon v. Michael James Coatney Appellate Court No. A132096

Do I stroll down a sidewalk while flipping? Nope. Do I carry a bali? rarely, just cant help it somedays :pirate1: Even though I have been playing with balis since I was a little guy, I still view them as scary to most other people. I treat mine with respect and understand that other people could find flipping intimidating.
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Re: Do you flip publicly?

I will carry my bali on occasion, but not often. I have flipped outside, but not where there are a ton of random people watching, only where my friends were watching though I could be seen.
Seriously though if you wanted advice on how to fight.... go with the Bitch Slap as he won't be expecting that and it would be funny as fuck.
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Re: Do you flip publicly?

GetTheFood11 wrote:I wish California laws didn't suck so much.

AGREED! i wanna walk around with my bali outside and not get a ticket or something


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Re: Do you flip publicly?

I always carry my best knife with me if I leave the house.

I live in Alabama, I am pretty sure they are illegal here but that doesn't stop me.

I flip publicly regardless. At the park, hospital, parking lots, on school grounds, etc.


  • 20 Jul 2014
  • 15:45
    one of my coworkers directed me to a place where I can learn to ride for free, AND if I take the beginner and intermediate level courses it waives the driving and written portion of the licensing exam =)
  • 15:46
    which is both good news and bad sort of. Good cuz its free and the whole process woulda taken like $300, plus i dont have to take the annoying test. bad cuz i didnt need to sell the fly after all
  • 15:46
    ah well, at least I got a chance to flip it.
  • 21:07
    well just buy another bali with it
  • 21 Jul 2014
  • 0:35
    havin fun making my vid tonight, getting a little wild with the animations
  • 4:44
    only good racoon is a dead racoon.
  • 4:44
    night huntin. fuck yeah.
  • 4:45
    i would hate to be my neighbors.
  • 10:13
    why did you shoot one?
  • 12:20
    they killed some kittens.
  • 12:44
    Racoons is cool
  • 12:44
    still gotta film my video. blah
  • 12:54
    lookin forward to seeing your video btw. I will probably be saving the fancy editting, considering Im lucky enough to know how to do what I can already do
  • 12:55
    what terrible people!
  • 12:56
    I filmed and put it together last night, its ok and nothing crazy. I just use windows movie maker and I'm not even sure fancy editing is possible on that
  • 12:57
    Its not up cause I'm gonna make my gf watch it and make sure it looks ok. I think if someone that doesn't flip thinks its ok, then it will def be decent for you guys
  • 13:45
  • 13:53
    hey tech. well im still lookin forward to it anyways. I use movie maker too so I feel your pain lol
  • 13:57
    just had chipolte
  • 13:57
    best thing ever
  • 13:57
    cant wait for my replicant
  • 14:02
    I hate chipotle lol
  • 14:02
    yea Im looking forward to the rep too
  • 14:11
  • 14:46
  • 16:29
    I never had chipotle
  • 16:30
    shit jason are you calling the animals your neighbors? Wasn't thinkin, maybe I still am not
  • 16:33
    oh nah. shooting 30 pound rodents at 3:30am = pissed off neighbors.
  • 16:46
    it helps them out too they should thank you
  • 16:51
    damn right. and people wonder why anyone but assassins would want a supressor.
  • 21:38
    dang kimino that was off the hizzy. was not expecting that!
  • 23:32
    I second that. Thats some nice flipping, even better than that first vid you put on JD
  • 22 Jul 2014
  • 0:23
    its up! let me know what you guys think, criticism is welcome
  • 10:20
    Nooo! bladehq updated the replicant page saying they will be shipped in august
  • 14:34
  • 14:35
    I also cant help but notice kimino borrowed my backhand xfer. I doubt I can beat his... watching yours now, then I got like 1.5hrs to finish mine before work
  • 15:07
    got some good clips in and I even made up my second xfer, but I still think kiminos is better all around
  • 16:17
    uploading mine to youtube now, but I wont have time to copy paste on here. Could someone submit mine for me please? It will be on my channel I already finna be late as is. Thank you so much =)
  • 16:29
    got you
  • 23 Jul 2014
  • 9:08
    thank you kindly
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