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Benchmade 51 (where from?)

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Post Sat May 07, 2011 10:16 pm

Benchmade 51 (where from?)

ok ive been saving up for a 51 but i dont know where to get it. I mean, is there any benefits of getting it off benchmades site? I dont wanna pay that much though. And if not, what are some sites that are legit and in the 190 dollar range?
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Post Sat May 07, 2011 11:23 pm

Re: Benchmade 51

wrong section ;)

You can go to BladeHQ.com and send them a email asking for a price drop on the BM51, i did it and they sold it to me for $180 free shipping :TU:


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Post Mon May 09, 2011 4:20 pm

Re: Benchmade 51 (where from?)

Firstly, use the search feature. It isn't difficult.

To save you the trouble, as clicking the magnifying glass above this post is too difficult, your best best in finding the cheapest 51 possible is going to be in your local Flipping Arena B&S forum. Otherwise, I believe gpknives is a close runner up.

Here's a link to their site. You'll have to "click for price" then they'll quote you via email. Once again, I believe their quote will be in the ~$165USD range. This is pretty much as cheap as you're going to find NIB straight from the factory.


You're welcome.


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    why do companies make spectacular knobs but then discontinue them? like wth
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    Yea it don't make a whole lotta sense you would think benchmade could be rich right now
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    What's up guys long time no see
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    *FOR DUCK* I'm also from Chicago, and as you may know balisongs are illegal to carry here. I get the same message when I order. I have owned a b200, b400 and b201 trainer. They flip well, I was particularly was fond of the b400
  • 7:58
    two problems with the bears ops though, #1 I found the hardware to be kind of bad so the screws frequently unscrew themselves. be prepared to combat that, get yourself some blue loctite.
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    as for flipping wise, the tang is extended and so while flipping a lot of the time your fingers get pinched between the tang and the handles. way more painful than a cut lol
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    worst night of my life.
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    people out there still care
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    Love -uwanaugoda. stay sain.
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    This is the most active I have seen the arena since FAToC
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    I think I should be a regular because: I've been around for a few years now, and I spend most of these days on here talking to myself lol
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    TD, Hannam and I are doing a challenge in approximately one month. I encourage everyone to join. There are enough people on this forum to keep it alive, we just need more active users
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    you just need BT to crash more often
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    Not the best but not the worst ;)
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    better then me though
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    I still wanna do my first challenge though
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    And I have to learn to video edit eventually anyway
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    Yea its just for fun. Win or lose, dont make no difference. What really matters is that you push yourself to new levels and keep a good spirit about ya
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    yea I have a few jd friday night flips videos up but they have no editing and are short
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    i second that chiv
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    I watched them, not too bad!
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