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BM 4x Clone Spring Latch Fix

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BM 4x Clone Spring Latch Fix

I got a BM43 Clone in the other day, and to say quite frankly I'm impressed in what I paid for. (I have a real 42, on the way, in the mail, for you haters out there, i'll do some comparing then)

I have been tinkering around with the latch, because that was what the most notable thing out of the box was. The latch was loose and hardly worked. I figured it was a spring tension problem. So after poking around for replacement springs, I just decided to clip off 2 coils and reshape it. Worked like a charm! I'm still looking for replacement springs, (not the whole latch from doucenozel.com). Here's a pic if it even matters.


Anyone doing this might have problems getting the T6 Screws undone. Yeah, they Loctited those screws already. I used needle nose pliers to hold the screw pin in place. Unfortunately, on the second one you need to place two drops of super glue on the end and let set for 30 min. Go cook some food or something! After the glue is dried, the pin stays in place and the screw comes right out. Soak the end of the handle, latch and all in nail polish remover or straight acetone (like I did). Give it some time to set, and it should come right out. (I ended up soaking the pin overnight to get the rest of the gunk off.)

After you clip or replace the spring, easiest way to string it up, is to take your small T6 precision driver and thread it with that and slide the pin right behind it. Makes life way easier.

Just started flipping? Hard to find decent Balis in the $30-$60 range? The Search Ends Here!

Don't hold out for a BM42! Take that $400+ you are planning on spending and go get in line for an Alpha Beast! You won't be disaponted!


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Re: BM 4x Clone Spring Latch Fix

Thanks for the instructions :D that extremely loose latch on my 47 clone always bothered me!


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    should be something like phpbb3_oj51s
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    i got it i just finally switched back to chrome lol
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    is that a the one you got cheap? looks like you got that reblade then?
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  • Lo the king dipshit of smurfs is calling someone else a smurf? Way to go HH
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