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Butterfly Knife

Also known as a Balisong, Batangas Knife

A butterfly knife is a type of folding knife which utilizes two handles, each rotating independently around the blade's tang, to totally envelope the blade when closed, or to form a single unified handle when opened. When closed, one handle covers the length of the blade's spine, while the other covers the length of the blade's edge.

Parts of a Butterfly Knife
A butterfly knife consists of 3 main parts: One blade and two handles. The handle which covers the edge (when closed) is refered to as the 'bite handle,' while the handle which covers the spine is refered to as the 'safe handle.'

Most butterfly knifes also have a latch part. Its main function is to help keep the knife open and/or closed.

Typically one of two types of connecters are used to hold all the parts together: Pins or screws. Pins are simply metal rods which are peened on each end to keep them from slipping out. Screws are self explanatory, except for the pivots (the part which connects each handle to the blade). These connectors are known as 'Chicago screws,' and are basically a tube, capped on one end, with the screw going into the other - the screw and cap keep the tube from slipping out of its hole.

Blade Profiles
-Clip Point
-Mariner (Sheep's Foot)
-Drop Point

Balisong Possible Modifications and Extras
-Nightmare Grind
-DLC Coating
-Duracoat Coating
-Titanium Nitride Coating

Blade Materials

Butterfly Knife Technology
List of special designs and technology usable or designed for Butterfly knives only, like the IKBS, spring latch, L latch, etc.

Notable Production Knives

Bradely Cutlery Kimura Series

Cold Steel Arc Angel

Benchmade Model 32 Morpho
Benchmade Model 42
Benchmade Model 51 Morpho? Typhoon / Tsunami

Spyderco Spyderfly
Spyderco Szabofly
Spyderco Smallfly

Butterfly Knives In Popular Media
Anything with butterfly knives in the movie. Movies, TV, Books, Songs, Comic characters, etc. Go here

Production Butterfly Knife Manufacturers
This page should list manufacturers. Each manufacturer listed should link to a page listing their knives. Each knife listed should link to a page describing it. Images of knives should be hosted in the Gallery, then embedded into thier respective knife pages, or they can be uploaded directly to the wiki page (use the 'upload picture' thing at the bottom of the text edit box).

Advanced Tech
Bear and Sons
Bradley Cutlery
Cold Steel
Dalton Combat Cutlery
Pacific Cutlery
Parker Gypsy

Custom Butterfly Knife Makers
list of custom knife makers here

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